At one point or another we all filmed ourselves fucking our girlfriends. Slutty girls who left us for another dick and maybe our fingers were itchy to post those videos on a pornsite. I know few who did it, and I have the tendency to believe that the guys who created GFRevenge had that in mind at some point. This was the idea to begin with, but sadly, you won't find too many of such videos. But the shit in here is great. You know what you pay for, and that is exclusive content, high quality videos, and girls sluttier than your ex.

I am not extremely impressed by some features such as the ratings of a video, number of likes an dislikes, because I have seen it multiple times included in free sites, but their tag sistem, or categories, are helpful and you can search for the tiniest details you ever imagine, if you are a picky guy. There are some features you are familiar with, but chicks and the porn in here is fresh and hot. I never heard a man complaining about a tight body, perky boobies or pink pussy. The price of the site is quite small, you will see the prices as you enter and click a video you like. The smallest deal is a trial for 2 days which will cost you 1$ per day. It is nothing for what you get. As for the 12 month subscription you will pay almost 10$ per month.

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