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Flirt4free - Top Camming Site

A little history about Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free is a premium camming site

I am glad that the cam sites differentiate and that each of them is for a specific group of people. Many may think that all are the same, but the truth is each of them is different. For instance, premium sites like Flirt4Free, are for more passionate people, who take their time in making decisions and enjoy the foreplay and the tease, or for super kinky guys.

Some guys want to have quality time alone with the models, and some want to tip them in free so others can see. What I find smart about Flirt, is that there is a fine line between freemium and premium. There are some options where you can see a piece of ass and some pussy for free, but only if the girl goes for it.

How did Flirt begin?

Twenty-one years of continuous activity and improvement made Flirt4Free the website we see today. That is a lot, thinking that a lot of members on this site are 21 years old. It is technically a lifetime. The website was launched 21 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, by a small group of entrepreneurs. The site's design changed over the years, but the main focus remains quality. I believe Flo Rida should write a song about F4F (as he did for Jasmin) because there are so many glamorous girls who have what it takes to be muses.

The overall look of Flirt for Free

Minimalist web design

The design is super clean and high quality. On the main page, you will see the profile pictures of online models, and the order they are on top varies. It is an algorithm which changes their position, based on multiple factors. You can only see a few buttons on the site, and that feels like driving a Tesla. Those few buttons help you choose the type of girl you want, the price, language, and other preferences, but you can scroll, take a look, and see if any of the girls meet your desires.

I love to see a simple web design and to stay focused on what matters the most. When I enter a camming site, I want to see girls and to have fun, not to figure out how to use it.

The chat rooms

A cool feature is that hovering on top of a profile picture, you can see what the model is up to at that moment. Every room is different (the stream of a girl is called a room). As you imagine, every girl has her passions and tastes, so their chat rooms look accordingly, but the main feature is the model's attitude.

There are many chat rooms to check out at first because there are many models online at any time of the day. If you are a picky guy, it will take some time until you decide and find some favorites, but if you want to fuck every living creature, you will be fast in finding a partner to play with.

How to make a Member account and to get some free credits?

From guest user to member f4f

After finding a hot chick, you, of course, want to get to the action. You've been in her room, saw her dance, and talk to her members, but you can't say hello. Most girls allow only members to speak in their chat room, and at this point, you are a guest user.

Creating a member account is free.

Creating an account is free and easy. Click the blue "Register" button in the chat area. You sure know the button because you tried to say hello to some beauties. If you didn't, you will find it fast.

You need an email address, and that's all. Choose your username and password, and you are good to go. You are now a member, but a basic one. The models see your username with green color, which tells them you didn't take girls private or didn't tip any, so you are not so attractive for some of them. We call those girls "gold diggers" in real life, but some are nice and will chat a bit.

You can get 120 free credits to spend

At this point, you can chat with any girl (who is interested), but if you want the 120 free credits, you need to add your card details for age verification. The 120 credits are free, you don't have to buy any credits to access them. But if you buy credits, the 120 will still be a bonus.

How much do the credits cost on Flirt?

To make it simple and straight to the answer, 1$ = 10 credits. I will put a picture of the current deals here for you. There are also deals you can benefit from, and the cost is reduced.


What can you get with 120 credits?

The price for privates varies from 10 credits/minute up to 90 cpm. This depends on the girl and what she can offer. You can ask them to accept offers, so if a girl asks for 30cpm, you can nicely ask her to drop the price a bit. You can also tip the girls and buzz their pussies.

Buzz their pussies h5

Interactive toys are a big thing nowadays, and I've spoken about the difference between Nora and Lush in the Live Jasmin review. Every site has a favorite toy, but all have the same purpose; to vibe that little clit, and make the girl get wet.

Join different types of shows h5

Multi-User, Group Chat, and Party Chat are the shows you want to look for if you want some action at a lower cost, but as you can imagine, you won't be alone with the model. These are shows where many members gather in a girl's room and enjoy the fun.

Go Best Porn has some final thoughts about Flirt4Free

Flirt4free is a large cam site where you can find many girls to chat and try your kinky desires. I like that you can find glamour, openminded or wild chicks to spend time with, and most of them speak good English.

Flirt4free combines free chat and private chat, which means you can also have some fun without going private. Most girls use an interactive toy, and you can get them horny and wet right away. The price for a show differs from girl to girl, but I know I found some hot smart chicks who accept 30 credits per minute.

Offers are a cool feature because you can always get something, no matter how many credits you have, and it is not offensive for the girl either because she can decide if she wants it or no.

If you like blondies, big boobs, big asses, or different nationalities, you can check the categories section to save more time finding what you want, rather than searching through all the pages.

The personality of each girl differs, and the experience is like dating. You never know just by looking at someone, and that is what makes this experience so fun. There is no script, only you and the girl who decide what you are going to do.

A word with the girls/guys who want to be models on Flirt4Free.

Maybe you read this review, and it is not the first time when you find yourself thinking about becoming a model. Getting started as a Flirt4Free model is a way of earning some decent cash and be independent.

Here are some tips to get started as a Flirt for Free model


First of all, you need some equipment. A camera, a pc, and an internet connection are required. Make sure you have good lighting and sound. I am sure your personality is great if you have this in mind. Not many people are comfortable speaking in front of hundreds, or some, don't have the energy.


Choose some nice outfits from your wardrobe and keep them handy. You will also need heels. A lot of guys love heels. Some of you might be familiar with these details and maybe you do some research to try a different site and want to know the vibe there.


The truth is, the vibe you get, is the vibe you show to the world. Your personality is the greatest asset you can use. On Flirt, there are a lot of members and guests. There is no shortage of traffic, and never an empty room(I've never seen less than 80 guests and 5 premium members in a room).

But the catch is that the members on every site are different. As a new model, you will need to be patient to let them get to know you.

Members on Flirt are mostly gentlemen and a bit picky, so be patient and be real, because I am sure you will be loved..