First impressions are sometimes not the best, as they say, and at a first glance, that blue on EmpFlix free tube is not what I dreamt of. I know that blue represents security and professionalism, but, hey, I never felt the need to feel secure when I wanked. Maybe only when I wanted to do it alone and my wifey was around or coming back from work. This being said, digging into the content changes my perspective a bit as I focus on the porn they have. I like that you can see what happens in a video without opening it, and just by moving your mouse over. That is a time saver. You have their category listed on the left of the page, as well on top, the videos are sort of nicely produced, though a lot look like amateur porn, but still an idea better, and some rock and make the cock grow big. They intended to add a photo section that is empty for the moment, but I want to see some good shit in there soon. Sometimes there are some bugs, glitches, you name it, but is not like 100 ads open at the same time.